About Us

It's Rugby Culture

Est. 2008 - O'Brien Rugby

Barret O’Brien created O’Brien Rugby, shortly after the completion of Infinity Park, at the time, the only dedicated Rugby stadium in North America. It started out with humble beginnings, a folding table and few boxes of t-shirts. Since then, it has grown in to a permanent store inside the stadium (The Shopping Maul), a major online business, and Colorado’s only dedicated retail rugby store.

In the rugby culture

Rugby is known for its tight-knit, family atmosphere. O’Brien Rugby is no different. The O’Briens are in the rugby culture, not the rugby business. “It’s a sport that certainly has a business element that surrounds it, but what you will find is that fans and players love to evangelize for the sport,” he says. “I’ve never seen this sense of camaraderie in any other business venture I’ve been a part of.

Official provider

O’Brien Rugby continues to support the growth of rugby in the area as the official provider of fan apparel and merchandise for RugbyTown USA. They also provide team and fan apparel for several other local, and national rugby organizations.